When we talk about the email service in United States of America there is a very wisely and leading trusted company or email service is SBC global email this email collaborate with Yahoo and 80p and makes the features more popular and it also makes the company larger in the field of telephone communication.

And now it is considered as the best email service provider company and also provides a complete customer support for all the users.

SBC global was first started as a telecommunication company in the mother company of SBC global is ATT. So basically SBC global company was selling the services of ATP and making the sales funnel for Att. Within Two or three years it was a national telecom service provider company and then SBC global support launched their email server settings and they merge with Yahoo to use their email services. So after that if any user wants to use the email service of SBC global all they have to do is they have to open their yahoo.com page and put the SBC global email address and the password and they will be able to login into the account of SBC global and that’s why Yahoo and SBC global March with each other to provide a better service for email.

Users can use the service of SBC global email support with free of cost as there is no charge in world for SBC global email but you have to buy any other service of cable or telecommunications from a TNT or the SBC global then only you will get the access of SBC global email.

Now after so many years SBC global launch their stand alone email service service where users do not need to go to the yahoo page to login or use the service of SBC global either that you can use the SBC global email service only from their service by going to the page of SBC global.net

How To Sign Up For SBCglobal Email?

  • Open any of your web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge etc. and type there ‘ATT.yahoo.com’ in the address bar or at the top of search engine which is also called as a search bar.
  • Now one page will be opened and there will be different types of news and the product knowledge of Sbcglobal and you need to slelct mail and click the option named ‘Mail’. This particular option is given at the top-right side of the screen.
  • Now you will land up to a new page which is of Sbcglobal Email Signin Page and option labeled as ‘Sign-in’. However, you don’t have to really sign-in, as you don’t have sign in details. The reason behind clicking ‘Sign-in’ option is to find out ‘create AT&T account’ option.
  • Once you see ‘Create AT&T account’ option, you can click it and enter your Name and the Userd Id and then it will ask you other personal information like your Address, Other email address etc. Enter your ‘Wireless number’ and ‘Zip Code’ in the appropriate fields and , click ‘Continue’.
  • If you come across any problem while signing up for SBCglobal email, then you can take help of SBCglobal email help and support providers.
  • Once you will be signed up for a SBCGlobal email account it will ask you to sign in t your account with your user id and the password which is an very easy process and If you need any help in those steps then you can contact Sbcglobal email support phone number team else steps are mentioned below.

Why Jason Statham Called SBCGlobal Support Owner

Well-known Jason Statham has been seen talking to the owner of Sbcglobal support, it has been found that a lot of threatening emails were coming on Jason Statham’s email, due to which he was more upset.

He also wrote a report to the police. He informed the manager that he would solve this problem by meeting the owner of the Sbcglobal tech support phone number.

 Jason Statham said that he had also put an application on the contact page of Sbcglobal email support, but he did not get any response. And then he went to meet the owner of ATT.

In Which Hotel Jason Statham Met SBCGlobal Support Number Owner

Jason and the owner of Sbcglobal support number met at Montage Palmetto Bluff for about 3 hours after this meeting, they both came out of the hotel in a very friendly way as it was not looking like that they went there to solve the problem but for the friend meeting.

But within these Three-hour meetings between Jason Statham and Owner, they became friends but the problem was solved. Now they both are looking for the solution and they checked their Sbcglobal Support Server thoroughly.

What Happened When They Checked Sbcglobal Support Phone Number Server?

When they were checking their server, they found that their server was hi Jacked and that was the reason SbcGlobal support phone number users were receiving treating emails and when they checked the location of that person, It was in California and he belongs to a middle-class family. Another information related to this was a shock that was a hacker. As soon as this information was of 11 years, Jason felt like getting that child in his mind because he was surprised to see his sharp mind, he was shocked as Jason told his wife as soon as he reached home.